The House of Sports (formerly the House of Sports Gauchos) has become the undisputed, leading AAU basketball program in Westchester and one of the best in the metropolitan area. With 50+ teams, we are able to offer an AAU option for boy & girl players of all ages (3rd grade – HS) and ability levels!

Last year, each of our elite teams won or played in the NY Metro AAU Championships and are nationally ranked. Our competitive teams consistently win high level local and regional AAU sanctioned tournaments. In fact, over the past two seasons, our program has enjoyed a .679 winning average!

We have achieved this level of success by following a simple formula. We provide our players with second to none, world-class coaching and combine this with extensive practice time, skill development workouts and performance (speed, agility & strength) training:

Program Details Include:

  • Professional Coaching (No Parent Involvement)
  • 2 Weekly Practices (March 3 – April 6)
  • 1 Weekly Practice (April –June)
  • 1 Weekly Skill Development Clinic (April – June)
  • 1 Weekly Speed, Agility & Strength Workout (March – June)
  • 4-5 Local & Regional AAU Tournaments
  • Optional Participation in Summer League

How many teams do you form?: Last year, we had 40 teams in our Spring AAU season. This means that we form approximately 4-5 teams per age group.We except to have approximately the same number of teams this upcoming Spring 2014 season.

Are your teams competitive?: Due to the size of the program, we are able to have teams that can successfully compete at every level. Our elite teams are all nationally ranked and primarily play in national level tournaments. Our select teams are expected to successfully compete in regional and local tournaments. Finally, our competitive teams perform well at local tournaments.

Does everyone make a team?: It is our goal to place every child on a team. Having 40+ teams helps us accomplish this goal. However, a great deal depends on the number of children that tryout. For children that do not make one of our AAU teams, we have created an in-house league on Friday nights so they can continue to develop their on-court skills.

Should my son/daughter attend both tryouts?: While not required, do to the large numbers that children, it is difficult for our coaches to evaluate talent in one session so it is strongly recommended the potential players come to both sessions.

What is the tournament schedule?: Tournaments occur every other weekend in April & May. Teams typically play 2 games on Saturday and 1 or more games on Sunday depending on their success at the tournament.

Where are the tournaments?: Tournaments are located in the metropolitan area. The exact location will be determined once our teams are formed. It is expected that teams will play at least two tournaments at the House of Sports.

When are practices held?: For the first four weeks of the season (March - April), teams will practice 2X per week (M-Th) at the House of Sports. For the remainder of the season, teams will practice once per week and players are expected to take a skill development clinic to improve specific on-court deficiencies. Practices start at 5:00 and go through 9:30 with the younger teams practicing first. The exact practice times will be determined once we see how many teams are formed at each level.

Do your teams compete at AAU metro championships and nationals?: Our elite teams routinely compete at Division II AAU metros (we do not attend Division 1 nationals as our program does not allow grade exceptions). If a team qualifies at metros (1st or 2nd place), we will work with that team if they would like to continue their season.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?: Yes, we offer scholarships (ability based) and other forms of financial aid such as payment plans.

How many children are on a team?: We carry between 10-12 kids per team. Due to the rigors and length of AAU season, this number is necessary to continually field competitive teams at practices and tournaments.

Who are your coaches?: Many of our teams will be coached by our full-time Basketball Academy coaching staff. However, due to the sheer number of teams that we form, we also use part-time House of Sports Academy coaches as well. These are professionals who have had a great deal of experience working with students and teams. We do not allow parent coaches.

Can my son/daughter work out with a coach prior to tryouts?: While our coaches offer private lessons, these slots are typically filled by Academy students. One alternative is to register for a pre-season clinic which are taught by the same coaching staff that will make tryout determinations.

Are you still associated with the NY Gauchos?: No this marketing partnership has ended. Based upon our success, we no longer need their name to attract the best talent in the NY area. In fact, our elite teams have not used their name for the past two seasons.