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The mission of the House of Sports Lacrosse program is to train players to comprehend, compete and ultimately become successful lacrosse players. Our overreaching goal is to provide more opportunities to learn lacrosse in a fun and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on having the best coaches on staff, quality programming, relationship building, transparent communication and a first in class facility. Our program offers a TRUE year round program. What makes us unique from other programs on the market is the fact we are based out of a state of the art athletic facility. Practice fields never change, rainouts are impossible and consistency is the norm. When you couple this advantage with excellent coaching and skill building, the outcome is rewarding for all involved. 


Beginning with our short term goal, we will spend the most time learning the fundamentals and proper mechanics of the game. Our Programming is structured to work on “parts” of the game rather than working on a “whole” views perspective. This means as we move through the year week by week, we will progressively add on more challenging skills and drills. This build-up will help us to achieve our Long term goal which is to work as a team. We play a team sport and often younger players find it challenging or a struggle in getting other teammates involved, staying spaced out, covering players on defense, and basic communication. These are all aspects of a team game that every player will learn and understand. If we can marry our short team goal of mastering fundamentals, with our long term goal of playing as a team I'm certain we can achieve our mission.


Please see below for seasonal commitments:



  • 2 weekly Practice
  • Fall tournaments 



  • 1-weekday Practice 
  • Winter league games @ HOS 



  • 2 Weekly Practices
  • Summer tournaments



For additional information, please email us at


3rd/4th Grade Team$1430.00 for full year (4 seasons)
$610.00 for 2 season commitment

5th/6th Grade Team
$2530.00 for full year (4 seasons)
$1000.00 for 2 season commitment

Terms/Team Information

3rd/4th Grade Coaches: Ricardo Williams & Chris Martinez
5th/6th Grade Coaches: Chris Martinez & Ricardo Williams

  • If you are unable to commit to the full year, then you must select two seasons to play.
  • Full year players must have full payment in by March 30th, 2020
  • Full payment at registration will receive a 5% discount
  • Sibling discounts will be a 5% discount.
  • 100% attendance is required for tournaments. If there is a conflict with any tournaments, please contact coach Rico prior to registration
  • Team communication will be by Team Snap and Email  

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