Athletic Republic is one of the nation's leading hockey training programs. Brett Hull, Marian Gaborik and 470 other professional National Hockey League players have joined thousands of amateur athletes in advancing their capabilities through Athletic Republic Hockey Training. 

Athletic Republic has recently opened a training center at the House of Sports where hockey players can hone their on-ice skills and bring their game to the next level. Using a wide range of innovative equipment such as Westchester's only hockey-treadmill, we are able to challenge our students and help them dramatically improve their on-ice skills. 

Under the direction of Drew Petkoff, a former player in the Ontario Hockey League, Athletic Republic Hockey Training at the House of Sports offers small group specialized clinics, team training and private lessons after-school, evenings and weekends.

Component One: Skating Power/Form Training

The Athletic Republic Training Center at the House of Sports contains Westchester’s first Ice Hockey Treadmill.  This incredible tool allows hockey players to become more powerful and efficient skaters. 

The treadmill is comprised of a specially lubricated, synthetic ice surface which allows players to train in their skates.  It tilts to a 32% grade and reaches speeds of over 20 MPH.  Skating on this powerful machine allows a player to 1) increase their stamina by skating at high speeds for extended periods of time 2) increase their skating speed by teaching their legs to move quicker and more efficiently and 3) improve their stride mechanics which will help players skate for efficiently and effectively.

To enhance the training experience, players skate on the treadmill in-front of a mirror so they can learn by visually seeing themselves.  In addition, while on the treadmill, all players are video-taped using time-delayed Dartfish motion analysis.  This allows the player and coach to review each skating session to identify areas of improvement.

Component Two: Stick Handling & Shooting

The Athletic Republic Training Center at the House of Sports contains Westchester’s first dedicated ice hockey shooting lab.  This specialized synthetic ice space contains multiple shooting targets and stick handling patterns.  This allows hockey players to refine their stick handling, puck control, shooting and goalie skills. 

Component Three: Weight Training

Hockey is a fast-paced game of finesse where the strongest players come out on top. Stronger players are faster and not as easily knocked off the puck. A sound weight-training program promotes stability and reduces the risk of injury. Hockey players have the opportunity to use one of Athletic Republic's Pylo-Press. This specialized piece of equipment dramatically improves leg strength and explosive power in a safe manner.

In addition, younger players utilize resistance cords, TRX Straps, medicine balls to strengthen muscles, joints and connective tissues. Older athletes use a variety of free weight training including time on our customized racks. All exercises are biomechanically specific to hockey, including muscle movements used in shooting, passing and goaltending.


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