Clinic Descriptions

The House of Sports Lacrosse Academy is one of the nation's leading lacrosse training programs. Thousands of the region's best lacrosse players participate in weekly skill classes with our world class coaching staff. All classes are grouped by age and gender and feature a low coach-student ratio.

The Lacrosse Academy at the House of Sports is one of the country's leading lacrosse training grounds. Staffed by full-time world-class coaches, this progressive instructional program is designed from the ground up to produce lacrosse champions. The academy has classes for boys and girl lacrosse players of all ages and abilities. See class descriptions below.

Lacrosse Fundamentals: An introduction to lacrosse basics for players who are brand new to the sport or have less than two years of experience. Participants will develop a broad base of introductory skills including how to cradle, scoop, pass, catch, and shoot. They will get to utilize these skills in game competitions that are designed to develop a love for the game in a relaxed atmosphere. The only required equipment will be a lacrosse stick.

Stickwork & Shooting: Designed to incorporate both stickwork development drills as well as shooting. Players will work on developing both hands while playing wall-ball and working in small, dynamic group settings. Players will also learn the fundamental techniques of shooting that will allow them to become effective shooters. 

Midfield World: This class is designed to work on all aspects of the game. Stickwork development, defense, attack, draws and other game situations will be incorporated into this class. 

Goalie: Our goalkeeper class will focus on positioning, shot stopping techniques and footwork. The goalie classes are also designed to work on both clears and decision making in high pressure situations. 

Lacrosse Academy Private Workouts: These workouts are designed for players that want to work 1 on 1 with an Academy Coach to improve their game. Players and Parents will meet with their instructor to help designate the areas of emphasis that will allow the Academy Coach to design an individualized plan for player development.

Session III Classes

$45 per session
Register on-line or call 914.479.5419.
Discounts are available for multiple classes and siblings.
Athletes can join clinics during the semester for a pro-rated price.
No trial sessions are available. Makeups must be scheduled through Director.
Annual membership is required in order to register ($30 individual/$60 per family).

Private Lessons

Workout with our world-class coaches one-on-one or in a small group. It is the best way to dramatically improve your on-field skills. Pricing is based on the level of coach selected. See below for rates. Call 914.479.5419 or send an email to to check on turf/coach availability.  All private lessons must be paid for at the time of booking. Lessons must be cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled time for a credit.

Single Lesson Price 1 on 1 2 on 1
Staff Instructor $100 $85
Director $120 $90
5 Pack Lesson Prices 1 on 1 2 on 1
Staff Instructor $475 $450
Director $570 $540
10 Pack Lesson Prices 1 on 1 2 on 1
Staff Instructor $900 $810
Director $1080 $900

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