Through more than 20 years of research, testing, training and improving athletes, Athletic Republic has a methodology that maximizes every athlete's potential. At the heart of our program is the proprietary equipment and scientific based protocols that help athletes learn to move better, faster, stronger, more powerful and in the best condition possible for their specific sport.

When Athletic Republic's training protocols are followed, the following average performance improvements are guaranteed:

  • 0.2-0.4 seconds in 40 yards which equals 6-10 feet of separation
  • 2-4 inches of vertical jump height
  • 5-8 inches in standing long jump distance
  • 20% gain in peak force and power
  • 4.5-9 mph increase in shooting speed velocity (lacrosse)
  • 3-10 mph increase in kick speed (soccer)
  • 5 -10 mph increase in throwing speed (baseball)
  • 33% increase in foot speed
  • 50% improvement in the rate of injury recovery

Injury Prevention

Female athletes that play soccer, basketball and lacrosse experience season ending injuries at 3X the rate of male athletes.  As such, it is critical that female athletes take steps to reduce their rate of injury.

 In a study on the “Avoidance of Soccer Injuries with Pre-Season Conditioning” published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 40 of the 300 athletes studies competed Athletic Republic training protocols and the remainder did conventional ground based training.   The study show that female soccer players who completed pre-season conditioning with Athletic Republic reduced their injury by more than 50% versus those who completed conventional ground based pre-season training.

Speed Treadmill

If you want to get faster and more explosive on the field or court, you have to teach your body to move faster than it knows how. The Athletic Republic Super Running Treadmill (RTM) ramps up from 0-28 mph in less than 3 seconds. Using our sport-specific protocols, the RTM safely pushes athletes beyond their ground-based training limits by forcing them to work harder and run more efficiently to reach peak speeds and maintain them for longer durations.

Hockey Treadmill


The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill (HTM); with its patented, specially lubricated, ice-like surface, trains hockey players to become more powerful and efficient skaters. Athletes train in their skates. The HTM tilts to a 32% grade and reaches speeds up to 16 mph. . Scientific research proves that incline treadmill skating helps athletes produce more power on each stride versus rink skating.

Plyo Floor

The Athletic Republic Plyo Floor (PF) is a cushioned wood surface with exclusive patterns and quick lock resistance cord hooks to maximize quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability, essential for improving movement skills and overall athleticism. This floor can dramatically improve explosive power, hip strength, balance and dynamic stability.

Plyo Press Machine

The Athletic Republic Plyo Press Machine (PPM) improves leg strength and explosive power. The footplate angle puts the athlete in an athletic position to produce force through the balls of his/her feet - not the heels like a standard squat exercise. Versus squats and hip sleds, the PPM is a safer and more effective way to train lower body explosive strength and power.

Pro Multi-Hip

The Athletic Republic Pro Multi-Hip (PMH) improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength essential for improved performance. Resistance settings can be adjusted from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns to 375 pounds (highest in the industry) for dynamic power movements. The PMH is versatile enough to accommodate athletes from 5 feet to 7 feet tall, who are both healthy and in rehabilitation for injury.

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