Girls Box Lacrosse Summer League 

The House of Sports will be running a High School and College Lacrosse League this Summer. It will be a 6 week league, plus a championship round run at the House of Sports on an 80 yard x40 yard field.

The College/Open division games will be played on Wednesday nights from July 12th - August 16th. The High School division games will be played Thursday, July 13th through Thursday, August 17th. All games will be played between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. The Championship Games will be played on Friday, August 18th at 5:00pm and 6:00pm. The winning teams will receive t-shirts. 

**Please note, all High School and current College players must be US Lacrosse members.

High School
$1000 per team with a $100 deposit
Free Agent: $120.00 per player
*Register before June 15th and receive 5% off team fee*

For additional information, please contact Maria Di Fato via email at 

Summer League Rules 


  • Two 20 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime
  • All games are 8v8 (plus a goalie)
  • No timeouts
  • No out of bounds, we will play off of the walls
  • 2 players from each team must hold at the halfway mark (solid white line)
  • Following goals, the goalie will clear the ball into play
  • Draws will only take place at the start of each half
  • Games can end in a tie at the end of regulation
  • Fouls: a player who receives a yellow card must stay off the field for 1 minute. A new player has to come on.
  • Full checking is allowed.
  • The High School division will be playing normal HS rules
  • The Open Division will be playing College Rules:
Can kick the ball (not in cage)
Defense can run through the crease
No empty stick check call
Self-start, unless in the critical scoring area
There will be NO shot clock



  • All women players must wear approved goggles/eye protection and mouth guards
  • Close fitting gloves and soft headware are permitted; no hard helmets may be worn except by the goalie
  • Goalie must wear helmet, mouth guard, throat protector, chest protector, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and leg padding for the goalie. All protective devices should be close fitting, padded where necessary and not of excessive weight. 
  • All teams must wear same color shirts, pinnies or jerseys on the field




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