Michael Gallo '18 (Courtesy:

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Michael Gallo

2018 Attackman


Don Bosco Prep (NJ)

House of Sports 2018 Attackmen, Michael Gallo was recently named the top ranked overall player in the 2018 class by Inside Lacrosse. Inside Lacrosse recently launched their Recruiting Database saying, “we are proud to unveil the next phase of Inside Lacrosse's groundbreaking recruiting coverage with the Recruiting Database, found at The database is a dynamic resource meant exclusively for lacrosse fans, with experts from around the country evaluating the best high school lacrosse players through their recruiting journey.”

Michael plays his high school ball with Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ. Some of the comments of evaluators spoke highly of his talent on and off the ball. “Stunning quickness with great hands. Always dodges with his head up trying to create a slide. Makes the right pass and can clearly run an offense. Directs traffic well and is an excellent creative attackman. He's small and can be bodied but has no fear and carries into danger with confidence.

“Tremendous dodging attackman that has big time value at the next level” (Source: Inside Lacrosse).

For more on his evaluation, you can access his Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Page.

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