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2021 Winter Classes

-Classes meet once per week for 45 minutes

- Session 4 Meets 8 Times

March 1st to April 24th 



-45 min Class - 27 per class

If you don't see a class that works for you create a custom class! Day & Time that works best for you!


In an effort to provide a safe and fun environment for all our Learn to Play customers, we have also implemented the following protocols and policies:


  • When you are at the House of Sports you will notice things like designated doors for entrances, designated doors for exits, walking traffic arrows, limited seating to avoid congregating and other safety measure.  We ask that you please be aware, and follow these policies for your protection and the protection of fellow customers.


  • Barring emergencies, coaches will be consistent for classes week-over-week, and they have been well trained on our safety and distancing efforts.


  • For children participating to programming, we encourage them to wear a mask or face covering while playing.  All HOS coaches and employees will be wearing masks at all times.


  • We strongly encourage that children now bring some of their own equipment that use to be shared. For example, soccer and basketball classes please bring your ball.  


  • Please note the updated schedule moving forward on the reverse side of this page.  Due to the fact that our priority is to limit interaction with multiple groups, we will enforce strict class capacities and temporarily discontinue make-up classes.  While our normal option would have flexibility at the forefront, our priority is customer safety.  These strict capacities will ensure customer interaction is consistent with the same individuals each class, and the elimination of make-up classes will reinforce this as well.


Equipment Needed and Safety Efforts by Class:


House Kickers (Soccer) – Please bring your own soccer ball.  Any shooting drills or scrimmaging will take place without goalies to avoid touching the soccer ball with hands.


House Hoopers (Basketball) - Please bring your own basketball.  Class will focus on skill building with each player only touching their own basketball. 

Program Details


Children ages 3 to 5 will learn the basic fundamentals of soccer, baseball, basketball and football. Each class focuses on one sport at a time to let children learn a variety of sports.  (2 year old classes are parent participation.)

Soccer (House Kickers)

Children ages 3 through 2nd grade will be instructed to focus on developing soccer skills.  This introduction to the sport will focus on fundamental ball skills and exposing participants to social interaction with children of a similar age. Skills classes are 45 minutes long, and league soccer classes are 1 hour.  League classes are designed to focus on drills and game-play. 

Baseball (House Hitters)

Children ages 3 to 5 will be instructed on the proper way to throw, catch, running the bases and hitting. We teach children the basic rules in a safe, friendly environment with age-appropriate drills. 

Basketball (House Hoopers)

Children ages 2 to 5 will be taught the fundamentals of shooting, passing, dribbling and game-play. Skills classes ae 45 minutes long, and league basketball classes are 1 hour long and focus on game-play. 


Children ages 5 to 7 will develop a broad base of introductory skills including how to cradle, scoop, pass, catch and shoot. This class strictly focus on skills and there is no contact or checking. 


House Hoopers

House Hitters

Learn to Lax

The House of Sports Learn to Play program is the foundation of our sports training.  Focusing on our youngest athletes (ages 2 through 2nd grade), this program is designed to introduce children to sports in a safe, fun and supportive environment.  

Invite us to your School!

House of Sports loves to be a part of schools! We bring our program to you guys! Check us out at our last school event located in Yonkers NY! 

Learn to Play Classes

Online Registration Tip

Please use the Levels drop-down menu to sort classes by age.

Pricing Information

45 Minutes Classes - $27

60 Minute Classes - $35

Custom Classes Offered! Minimum 5 Children 

*Full Session or Full Pro-Rated Registration Required*

Contact Us

Victoria Capone-Froio

Victoria Capone-Froio

Learn to Play Director

Phone: 914-479-5419