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House Training

Why "clinic" when you can train?
Studying is to academics like training is to athletics.
We know the saying... "you play like you practice." To play at an elite level, you need to practice at an elite level. Elite level practice requires consistency and a focus and attention on the details for it to be effective. While infrequent clinics provide some benefits, they pale in comparison to the benefits of consistent training.
Under the direction of Joe (Cojo) Frederick, the House of Sports Girls Lacrosse Training Academy has reestablished itself as the area's most premiere Girls Lacrosse training program.
Classes focus on all skill positions- Offense, Defense & Goalie and range from Intro to Lacrosse to Advanced Dodging & Winning the 1v1 matchup through improved athleticism & effective lacrosse movements.
Classes are open to athletes of all skill levels from 3rd - 12th grade and offered throughout the week during after-school hours.

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Single Class: $45

Number of Sessions


6 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week $270

7 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week

8 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week $360

Prorate Available

Our goal is to have classes be the most productive and beneficial as possible. For the benefit of all players, House of Sports reserves the right to request players move classes.

private Lessons

Contact us for groups of 6 or more


All Pricing is Per Player



2 to 3


4 to 5


Single Lesson $100 $90 $80
5 Lesson Package $475 $428 $380
10 Lesson Package $900 $810 $720
Private Lessons are one hour sessions that can be scheduled during the week or weekends. 

Session V Schedule: May & June

100 Level Classes: Grades 3-5
Class Day Time
Girls Lacrosse Basic Skill Development


4 PM

Girls Lacrosse Dodging & Shooting Wed 4 PM
300 Level Classes: Grades 6-8
Class Day Time
Girls Lacrosse Basic Skill Development


5 PM

Girls Lacrosse Dodging & Shooting Wed 5 PM
500 Level Classes: Grades 9-12
Class Day Time

Session VI Schedule: July & August

100 Level Classes: Grades 3-5  
Class Day Time  
300 Level Classes: Grades 6-8
Class Day Time
500 Level Classes: Grades 9-12
Class Day Time

Class Catalog

100, 300, 500

Introduction to Lacrosse

Learning Objective:

Predominantly through individual drills, this class teaches new & inexperienced players the basic skills of lacrosse such as Passing, Catching, Cradle and Ground Balls in addition to Positions, Field Markings and common girls lacrosse "vernacular."

101, 301, 501

Basic Stick Skill Skills

Learning Objective:

To teach players with less experience and formal training the basics of stick skills starting with proper grip and then incorporating effective and creative high repetition drills that can be performed at home to help collapse the learning curve.

102, 302, 502

Basics of Shooting

Learning Objective:

With a focus on proper mechanics, players will perform impactful, high reputation drills to learn how to effectively execute basics shots such as Step Down, Hitches & Shooting on the Run from the Triple Threat Position.

103, 303, 503

Advanced Dodging & Shooting

Learning Objective:

Players will learn how to increase their chances of winning the 1v1 matchup at the point of attack through developing more effective lacrosse movements and strategy.

Rule changes & advancements in stick technology are helping the Girls game rapidly evolve, especially in the speed of play. Simple "dodges" by themselves are ineffective if not done with increased athleticism.

104, 304, 504

Advanced Shooting

Learning Objective:

For players with a foundation in basic shooting skills, our Advanced Shooting class focuses on increasing power/velocity and accuracy,  advanced types of shots such as Behind the Back & Twizzlers in addition to working off-ball to create scoring opportunities by catching and shooting while in motion.

Enrollment for this class requires players to have the ability to pass & catch with a degree of consistency

105, 305, 505

Defense Training

Learning Objective:

Often called "the forgotten position," our Defense class is the area's only training focused solely on teaching players how to become better Defenders through Improved Athleticism/Footwork, Stick Control/ Checking Techniques.

Players will increase their confidence to become a lock-down defender by incorporating the "ABCD's of Defense" into their technique.

106, 306, 506

Introduction to Goalkeeping

Learning Objective:

For "new to position" Goalies to teach the basics of Goalkeeping such as Stance, Save Technique & Pipe Play while developing the proper save mechanics through meaningful & specific isolation drills.

Each Goalie needs to provide their own complete set of equipment.

107, 307, 507

Advanced Goalkeeping

Learning Objective:

To increase the effectiveness of experienced goalies through faster paced sessions which allow for a wider variety of drills to be performed including creative shooting drills.

Goalies need to possess the basic skills of the position in addition to their own equipment.

308, 508

Advanced Offensive Concepts

Learning Objective:

Every play drawn is designed to score, but very few actually work. Successful players learn how to think on their feet and improvise in every situation.

This class will allow players to learn and understand how to dynamically play the 2Man/3Man game on & off-ball within an offense to become a more dangerous threat.

309, 509

Advanced Stick Skills

Learning Objective:

Unlike stationary Wall Ball, our Advanced Stick Work is designed for players who already posses average stick skills to work together in a group environment to help mirror in-game experiences.

Drills will incorporate various types passing and catching that's not easily performed on a Wall- Over the shoulder, Curls, Catching while cutting, etc.

Players must possess a basic understanding & display reliable consistency with passing & catching.

310, 510

Live Rep Session

Learning Objective:

This "applied knowledge" session is designed to teach players how to take the skills they've learned and apply them in game situations.

Each session includes position specific warm-up/training followed by drills to give players live reps with players receiving position feedback.

Class is limited to 14 Offense & Defense and 2 Goalies.

311, 511

Wall Ball Wednesday

Learning Objective:

Each week, our goal is 1,000 reps in an hour...there's no greater aid to stick development than a Wall.

This fast paced high repetition class is designed to accelerate stick skill mastery with the goal of each session is to have players complete 1,000 quality reps in 60 minutes using both dominate and non-dominate hands in a variety of common lacrosse passing and catching techniques including: Quick Sticks, Bad Passes, Canadian, BTB, Twizzlers and more!

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Director of Girls Lacrosse

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Assistant Director, Girls Lacrosse

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