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Girls Club Lacrosse

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About House

To maximize our player experience and to ensure the highest quality coaching, we offer only 1 Team per graduation year with Tournament Rosters limited to approximately 22 players.

Highly organized and professionally run, the House of Sports Girls Lacrosse program is committed to developing competitive Girls Club Teams for Youth and High School lacrosse players. 

Conveniently located in Ardsley, adjacent to the Saw Mill River Parkway and I-87, our state-of-the-art indoor facility has been voted Westchester Magazines Best for 12 years running. We leverage it by offering a full year curriculum to include over 50 scheduled practices in addition to running Westchester’s only continuous 12-month Girls Lacrosse Training Academy and popular Winter League.

Our passionate and knowledgeable staff consists of experienced High School Coaches and College Players committed to helping athletes from beginner to experienced raise their level of play.

We're proud of our unique Tiered Model which grows and develops as players grow and develop.

  • Grades 3-5: Developmental Teams
    • No full year commitment, only season-to-season
  • Grades 6-8: Transitional Teams
  • Grades 9-11: Elite/Showcase Teams

See "Program Overview" for additional details

Unique Participation Options

We have an appreciation for multi-sporty athletes and support their participation through our unique "Summer +1 enrollment" in addition to our Investment Protection Policy for our 6th-12th grade Teams. This allows players to choose the enrollment the best supports their efforts. Families can choose between:

  • Full Year Option: Fall, Winter & Summer
  • Fall & Summer Option: For athletes who play a Winter Sport and need to take the winter off
  • Winter & Summer Option: For athletes who play a Fall Sport and want to take the fall off

Investment Protection Policy:

Conflicts are inevitable and unavoidable. To help families achieve 100% of the value for their investment, players can make up missed events by attending Training Academy Classes at no extra charge!

Player Development

The primary reason for playing Club is Player Development. As a Training Academy, we're proud of our benchmark support for the development of our athletes. To accomplish our goal, we offer a clearly defined training curriculum with professional coaching inside of our Ardsley facility.

Our program provides athletes looking to gain a competitive edge with all of the essential elements to succeed:

  • Over 50 practices
  • Over 150 hours of additional Training Academy classes
  • Winter League
  • Fall and Summer Tournaments.

All you need to provide is the commitment, effort and focus. 


There's no hidden secrets or short-cuts to success. No Coach, Club or Team possesses magic or a trick to developing players. Talent is important, but desire & grit are even greater requirements for success. 

Are you Self-Motivated? Competitive? Driven by a passion to succeed with everything you do? Are you motivated for your Teams success as much as your own? Maybe you feel you haven't been given a fair chance to demonstrate what you're capable of doing. Do you want an authentic Club dedicated to developing you as a player? 

And are you willing to make a personal time investment in your own development? Someone who makes training and athletic improvement a part of your schedule, not something you do when you have nothing else better to do?

If that's you, you're a great candidate for our Club Program no matter your current skill level.

"There will always be someone more talented than you, but there's no excuse for letting anyone work harder than you."~ Derek Jeter

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CoJo Frederick

Director of Girls Lacrosse