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Girls Lacrosse Academy

Our Advantage

Building Better Athletes!

Voted Westchester Magazines Best Sports Facility 10 years running, House of Sports Girls Lacrosse is Westchester's only continuous 12 month and most comprehensive Training Program.

Whether you’re experienced looking to gain a competitive advantage or a beginner, our state-of-the-art facility provides the ideal training environment.

Our unique training breaks down Girls Lacrosse into its individual components enabling us to offer a variety of training options which allows you to focus on your specific needs and goals.

Training options include Stick Skill Development, Shooting, Dodging, Defense, Goalie and Draw Control- see Class Descriptions below.

Classes are:
  • Open to athletes from 3rd - 12th grade
  • Offered throughout the week during after-school hours
  • Limited to 10 participants each to effectively manage player to coach interaction
    • Smaller class size allows athletes to maximize drill repetition
  • Coaches are trained to focus on the details to drive meaningful growth


Email Address:
Parent First Name:
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Grad Year:


Number of Sessions


Single Class $45
6 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week $270

7 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week

8 Week Class- 1 Class Per Week $360

Our goal is for classes to be beneficial as possible. We reserve the right to request players move into a more appropriate class.



All Pricing is Per Player



2 to 3


4 to 5


Single Lesson $100 $90 $80
5 Lesson Package $475 $428 $380
10 Lesson Package $900 $810 $720
Contact us for groups of 6 or more
Private Lessons are one hour normally scheduled weekdays.


See Below for Class Descriptions

Session IV

Monday, March 6th to Friday, April 28th

Grades 3-5

100 Level Classes: Grades 3-5
Class Day Time
Basic Stick Skills Monday 7 PM*
Introduction to Goalie Wednesday 7 PM**
Introduction to Lacrosse Thursday 7 PM
Shooting & Dodging Saturday 12 PM
* 7:30 on 3/6 & 3/13
** 1st Class on 3/28
*** 1st Class on 3/11
*** 9 AM Class on 3/11 & 3/25

Grades 6-8

300 Level Classes: Grades 6-8
Class Day Time
Basic Stick Skills Monday 7 PM*
Introduction to Goalie Wednesday 7 PM**
Introduction to Lacrosse Thursday 7 PM
Shooting & Dodging Saturday 12 PM***
* 7:30 on 3/6 & 3/13
** 1st Class on 3/28
*** 1st Class on 3/11
*** 9 AM Class on 3/11 & 3/25

On the horizon

Class Descriptions

100, 300, 500

Introduction to Lacrosse

Class Focus: Teach "new to sport" players the basic Stick Skills, Positions, Field Markings as well as the "language" of lacrosse.

101, 301, 501

Basic Stick Skill Skills

Class Focus: High repetition individual drills to develop the muscle memory required for proper stick skills such as passing, catching, cradling, shooting & scooping

102, 302, 502

Basics of Shooting

Class Focus: High repetition drills to develop the muscle memory needed for proper shooting mechanics that drive accuracy and velocity.

103, 303, 503

Advanced Dodging & Shooting

Class Focus: This is not "run to the red cone and do a face dodge" training, but rather how to win the 1v1 match-up at the point of attack through improved athletic movement in combination with advanced shooting techniques.

104, 304, 504

Draw Control

Class Focus: "Win the Draw, Rule the World!" Players will perform a series of high repetition drills designed to develop the muscle strength & memory needed to dominance the Draw Control.

105, 305, 505

Defense Training

Class Focus: Through a series of effective drills, Defender's will learn the ABCD's (Approach-Breakdown-Contact-Direct) of Defense and how they translate to dominate defense.

106, 306, 506

Introduction to Goalkeeping

Class Focus: Through a series of specialized simulation drills, players will learn proper stance & technique needed to be an effective goalie. Equipment is not required as goalies will not be shot on.

107, 307, 507

Advanced Goalkeeping

Class Focus: Building off of our Introduction Class, goalies will perform more live action drills to reinforce proper technique through muscle memory development. Each Goalie needs their own equipment.

308, 508

Advanced Offensive Concepts

Class Focus: Through a series of skill building & game simulation drills, players will increase their IQ to become a more versatile and dangerous offensive threat. 

309, 509

Advanced Stick Skills

Class Focus: Individual & group drills that teach effective advanced dynamic stick skills in addition to Behind the Back, Twizzlers, and more.

310, 510

Live Rep Session

Class Focus: 30 minutes of individual, position based Skill development followed by 30 minutes of live, game simulation drills. Class enrollment limited by positions.

311, 511

Wall Ball Wednesday

Class Focus: Players of all skill levels will perform various high repetition Wall Ball Drills to rapidly develop hand-eye coordination & stick skills. Goal of each class is 1,000 touches in 60 minutes.

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