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Softball Classes

Program Details

Our Softball program is all about learning the fundamentals of softball. Our goal is to advance our athletes skills on the field. Class details below

Perfect Pitch

Designed to break down pitchers pitches step by step to bring them accuracy and consistency in their pitches. Pitchers ages 9-18 will address the 5 phases of the delivery and various drills to help keep them “tall” “back” and “closed” within their deliveries. In addition, pitchers will learn effective ways to repeat their release points, create torque, and keep their fingers on top of the baseball through their arm action

Softball Fielding & Fundamentals

Designed to work on fielding skills for catching pop-flies and groundballs, performing relay throws and turning double plays. Agility & Speed drills will be incorporated to bring the girls to the next level of softball!

Hitting Private Lesson

Hitters will be drilled extensively in the weight shift, lower 1/2 transfer, finish, head position, 2 strike hitting, and bat speed.

Pitching Private Lessons Offered now! 

Email for rates on private lessons and offered packages. 

Have a team that needs additional training create a custom class for your team to train on the off season! Reach out now!

Winter Classes

Starting January 2nd to March 23rd

38 Dollars a Class

12 Weeks Long of training 


Fielding Fundamentals 4:00pm-5:00pm Ages 8 to 10 

Pitching and Catching 5:00pm-6:00pm Ages 8 to 10


Fielding Fundamentals 5:30pm-6:30pm Ages 10 & UP

Pitching and Catching 7:00pm-8:00pm Ages 10 & UP


Pitching Clinics


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