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Girls Lacrosse Winter League


House of Sports has an unwavering dedication to nurturing the growth and development of girl’s lacrosse players and Section 1 programs as exemplified through our creative, 1 of a kind League.

We have immense pride in pioneering a unique format designed to boost the pace of play which leads to an unmatched experience and high repetitions for players. Leading experts all agree that high-paced style of play “box” provides has tremendous developmental benefits which we feel will help best to prepare players & teams for their upcoming spring season.

Not Field Lacrosse and not “Canadian” style box; the style we play on our 40 x 80-yard field removes benches and the concept of out-of-bounds. This allows players the freedom to utilize the walls which results in a fast, dynamic and none stop pace of play that can only be found at House of Sports. Goalies benefit greatly by having painted goal lines & goal circles in addition to regulation 12 & 8 Meters with hashes.

Other notable features about our league:

  • Elevated “End Zone” mounted LiveBarn cameras for professional live streaming. Games are stored in a repository which can be reviewed later and/or incorporated into recruiting highlight reels.
  • Enhanced Spectator Experience: The facility offers more space for parents to watch games from bleachers in a comfortable climate-controlled environment.
  • NYSPHSAA uses 4 classes and multiple Leagues to try and create competitive parity. Instead of JV & Varsity, our creative Emerging & Masters Divisions allow for flexibility to schedule more balanced matchups.
  • Rated Section 1 Officials

League Overview

NYSPHSAA uses 4 Classes and multiple Leagues to try and create competitive parity. Unfortunately, we don't have that flexibility, so we try to accomplish it through 2 Divisions in our High School and Modified Leagues.

In the spirit of establishing the most competitive match-ups possible, House of Sports reserves the right to ensure Teams are properly registered.

  High School 7th & 8th Grade 5th & 6th Grade 3rd & 4th Grade
Start Date Sunday, December 1st, 2024 TBD
End Date Sunday, March 9th, 2025 TBD
Rosters Due: 11/1/2024 11/1/2024 N/A N/A
Game Times Between 9 AM & 7 PM Between 7 & 9 PM



Divisions 2 1 1
  Emerging & Masters Open Open
Championship Yes No No
Format 10v10 6v6 6v6 5v5
Registrations Teams & Free Agents
Field Size 80x40 Yards 40x40 Yards 20x20 Yards


Contact Us

Liv Valdes

Winter League Director

Amy Communications Director

Communications Director

CoJo Frederick

Director of Girls Lacrosse